With your Delizz® strawberry plant, you can grow now strawberries at home in an easy way. When you have purchased your Delizz® plant, first red fruit is ready to be picked. With a couple of tips you can easily grow more of your own delicious strawberries.  

Seven tips to grow your own Delizz® strawberries:

1- Put your Delizz® plant in a sunny place nearby the window or outside in the garden.

2- Give your Delizz® plant water at least once a day, Delizz® pot is designed with a saucer to prevent water to overflow. We advice fertilizer in the water at least once a week.

3- It is of extreme importance your Delizz® plant gets enough water otherwise it will wilt and cannot make delicious strawberries. In an emergency situation, you can submerge the rootball of your Delizz® plant in water to get it moist again.

4-Trusses with fruit of your Delizz® plant need to have a good support in order to prevent blockade of water flow through a cornered truss stem. For example, trusses might lay down on the window sill. If truss stems are cornered, your strawberries will show a dull colour and will taste bitterly.

5-After four weeks inside, most of the strawberries will be harvested. Now it is time to move your Delizz® plant outside. It is also a good timing to transplant your Delizz® in a larger pot or to plant direct in garden soil. Now you can enjoy your delicious Delizz® strawberries during all summer until first frosts.

6-If your Delizz® plant is outside, beware for uninvited guests. Snails love strawberries, but luckily they love also beer. You can control snails by digging a little jar into the ground with diluted beer. You can keep birds away from your delicious Delizz® strawberries by tightening a net over the plants.

7- Your Delizz® strawberries will be full of flavor if you let them ripen well and harvest them regularly. Harvest at least twice a week, this will give best results.

Now get the job done with your Delizz®! 


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