Wageningen students on an excursion in Westfriesland

On Monday, January 5th, we got to provide a full day program for student association Semper Florens, of the Wageningen University. Where they normally make a trip abroad, this time it was in our own c ...

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Time to Harvest Your Summer Bounty

It's the time of year gardeners have been waiting for...harvesting and eating the fruits of your labor! Do not wait longer, your ever bearing strawberry Delizz® can be enjoyed during whole summer!

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Strawberry Delizz® AAS Winner 2016

What’s not to like about our first ever AAS strawberry winner Strawberry Delizz® F1?  These vigorous strawberry plants are easy to grow, from seed or transplant, and produce an abund ...

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Strawberry Delizzimo® breath-taking delicious even in mid-winter

‘Where normally a Chef-cook would try to optimize flavour, in case of strawberry Delizzimo®, additions would only harm its natural flavour’, according to Master Chef-cook Franck Pontais after a r ...

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Fleuro Star

Holland Strawberry House