Health and Strawberries

Everybody loves strawberries from the earliest childhood. This popular soft fruit is rightly nicknamed 'Queen of fruit'. Strawberries have a wonderful sweet flavour. Strawberries are perfect to combine with other soft fruit such as berries, blackberries and raspberries.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which can help to keep your resistance level up (good for the hair, skin, and of course useful if you have a cold) . In addition, vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant and therefor it helps to neutralize certain harmful substances in the body. Strawberries are also a source of folic acid, which is necessary for the growth and proper functioning of the body and for the production of white and red blood cells.

Finally, strawberries contain one of the main active substances, ellagic acid. Its properties are used for therapies. It supposes to play a very important role in the prevention of skin, lung and esophageal cancer. With its antioxidant properties, it is a perfect ingredient for cosmetics, especially for skin products.

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