Strawberry Origin

About 200 years ago, a so called 'interspecific cross' took place by chance in Brittany, France, between two botanical species of strawberry: Fragaria virginiana from North America and Fragaria chiloensis from South America. The progeny of this cross was bearing remarkably large and juicy fruits.

The French scientist Duchesne described the new species for the first time under the name Fragaria ananassa. Since that time dozens, if not hundreds of new varieties have been developed. These strawberry varieties are dispersed throughout the world. Nowadays there is no country in the world where the strawberry is not known for its delicate flavor.

Science makes progress all the time. Recently, the complete genetic map of strawberry species Fragaria vesca has been unraveled. The gene map of Fragaria ananassa will take some more time as it is significantly more complicated.

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